Verizon Fios Payment Agreement

Yes, it is something that some people do to avoid falling back into their payments. However, this is a unique and free agreement. As a Verizon FiOS customer, you can close the deal by logging into your account and selecting the option in the Accounts section. Some customers prefer to plan future dated payments from their current accounts, debit or credit cards at the same time when planning their payment agreement. You can plan a payment or set a payment promise on the Payment Terms page in Verizon Mein. Follow the instructions to set up the arrangement. For payment terms, contact the Financial Services Department at 866-266-1445 to discuss your options. You can make payment terms if your account is justified. The agreement protects Verizon FiOS services from interruptions if the payment does not reach the company when payment is due. If you take this step, you will have extra time to make your payment in order to pay off the balance.

As a consumer, I understand the importance of making payments on time. But we understand that there are circumstances where it takes longer to make your payment. Watch our video to learn how to make a payment promise in the My Verizon app. Are you ready to put in place a payment agreement? It`s easy to make payment terms on the site in My Verizon. Note: You can only make an agreement if your current bill is not paid and an amount is due. If your bill is paid, none of the payment terms will be displayed. Payment terms do not in any way remove your late fees, which are still in effect under the agreement. You can continue to update your account or change your payment date. Changes can only be made by the account manager or account holder.

You can easily manage your account. In fact, you may be late in transferring your payment as long as you do not extend the deadline. If your last Verizon FiOS service is suspended because you haven`t transferred your payment, you must first pay the full amount owed before your service is restored. There is no charge to establish a payment agreement: if you have received a suspension or late notification, you must make a payment or plan an online payment agreement or call us at 1,800.Verizon (1.800.837.4966) to avoid any possible interruption of the service.