Tarion Accountability Agreement

Spiteri responded that its model of independent administrator „allows the Government and Consumer Services Department to oversee Tarion through its accountability agreement. The government contributes to the composition of the board of directors and the appointment process and requires quarterly departmental reports, annual reports, audited annual accounts, annual business plans, annual regulatory plans and annual public meetings. The report also notes that only condominiums require the owner to keep these deposits „confident“ under the Condominium Act of 1998, S.O. 1998, about 19; Therefore, in the event of a construction error (fraud or criminal behaviour), deposits are available to compensate first-time home buyers. It is proposed to extend the obligation of trust to the townhouses in own ownership, without affecting the small owners. In addition, there would be no difference between the funds paid for the purchase price and the amounts paid for upgrades under a sale and sale agreement, with all advance amounts treated as deposit-guarantee deposits. David Orazietti, Minister of Government and Consumer Services, announced this morning the appointment of Justice Douglas Cunningham. Cunningham, former chief justice of the Ontario Superior Court, will review Tarion and the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and make recommendations to improve consumer protection, accountability, transparency and governance of the Board of Directors. While it is too early to say how the proposed legislation, based on Justice Cunningham`s proposals, will actually affect homeowners and owners, it is clear that a global change is imminent and that such a change may be welcomed not by Tarion, but by the owners and, to a lesser extent, by the owners. The most important thing the government can do is to hold the members who are responsible for regulating the owners and ensuring their coverage.

If Tarion is good on one thing, he would be pleased with the quality of his work; The problem for Tarion is that no one listens anymore. In addition, Tarion`s compensation is often a blow to the owners, and there are no cheques or balances on the funds Tarion pays, which is almost certainly well above the actual cost to the owner to repair the secured property, or totally disproportionate to the actual repair costs.