Star Alliance Interline Agreements

Air Canada also has what are called Interline partnerships. An interline partnership allows two or more airlines to issue tickets for each other, while retaining the other airline`s encryption code. Their goal is in turn to facilitate the travel of customers by allowing them to travel on the networks of several airlines with a single reservation to reach their final destination. If you make a reservation with Copa Airlines in conjunction with another Star Alliance carrier, your baggage will be checked in after check-in to your final destination, unless the regulations apply in accordance with the Copenhagen Interline baggage rules. Air partnerships are more complex and advanced than ever, for both better and for worse. About 20 years ago, Star Alliance was created, which was revolutionary at the time. SkyTeam and oneworld quickly joined the scene, and although they all exist, lately the focus has been on joint ventures. Indeed, how much can these bulk airlines have in common in the face of these alliances that have so many members? If you check in with one of our codeshare or interline partners sold on, there may be differences in fees for checked baggage as well as optional service and other fees. As a general rule, even U.S. airlines that do not have a partnership with each other have an interconnection agreement. A few years ago Delta decided to disable an interline agreement with American, I think because they found that American more passengers on them during irregular operations than vice versa.

In the example above, flight AC9320 is operated by Lufthansa. As this is a codeshare flight, we announce Air Canada`s design code (i.e., the flight number begins with the letters „AC“). Your electronic itinerary/reception also contains the name of each flight`s export airline. Star Alliance explicitly states on its website that even Allianz carriers do not purchase cheque bags on separate tickets. Of course, if the individual airline is willing to do that, then that`s a bonus. Interline agreements are the most basic types of agreements you can have between airlines. An Interline agreement is simply a commercial agreement between airlines to treat passengers when travelling with several airlines on the same route. This allows passengers to check their luggage to their final destination, check their location to their destination, possibly be re-routed to another airline in case of irregular operation, etc. It`s going to sound very esoteric and unimportant.

However, as more and more consumers opt to purchase airline tickets online, it is increasingly necessary to understand some of the rules relating to interbank agreements between airlines.