Seiu Bargaining Agreement 2019

The membership of committee members in the university monitoring and health groups consists of three (3) collective agreement units and one union representative and four (4) employer representatives, including the Assistant Vice-President for Industrial Relations or Designers. 44.5. The university undertakes to notify the Union of proposed reclassifications of tariff units occupied into non-negotiation units at least thirty (30) days before their implementation. The university is prepared not to oppose the Union`s efforts to expand the bargaining unit, unless the workers whom the union wishes to add are represented by another union when workers` collective agreement rights are covered by rcW 41.76, RCW 41.56 or any other legislative status. In any event, the university does not waive its right to seek clarification from the Labour Public Relations Board, if the university deems it appropriate at its sole discretion. Step three: mediation of the complaint. Grievance`s mediation. If, in a second step, the complaint is not resolved, the Union may apply to the Labour Public Relations Commission (PERC) for mediation in accordance with WAC 391-55-020 within 30 days of receiving the decision of the second stage, with a copy to be sent to the Labour Relations Office from the second day. In addition to all other reporting requirements, the application must contain a copy of the appeal and all previous responses.

The employer will notify the Union in writing within 30 days of receiving the mediation request if they do not agree. If these services are not available in a timely manner, the parties may request a list of recourse mediators to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (CSMF) or any other agreed intermediary. The costs of mediation are borne equally by both parties. 1.2. The employer recognises the exclusiveness of the Union as a representative of negotiations for workers in collective agreement units. The employer undertakes not to enter into an agreement or contract with the employees of the collective agreement unit who, individually or collectively, are at odds with the terms of this agreement, unless the workers, union and employer expressly accept this agreement.